Tables for Two: NCSU College of Textiles / by Brandon Clarke

Textile Students Get Social

"Tables for Two" design by  Laurenn McCubbin

"Tables for Two" design by Laurenn McCubbin

Over the last seven months I've been the working as a Digital Media Specialist for the North Carolina State University's College of Textiles. Each month I, along with the multi-talented Laurenn McCubbin, would hold workshops for the students enrolled in Design and Merchandising of Cotton Home Products

The College of Textiles was awarded a grant from Cotton Incorporated to fund a competition among the students. Based on an integrated marketing campaign from a visual presentation of the home textile products, students developed display vignette designs for "Tables for Two" in the Spring Semester 2012. The Fall Semester class was a continuation of Phase 1 and was to assist the students in further developing an integrated marketing plan with a strong focus on digital and social media. The students were to design marketing strategies that focused on their consumer communication through digital media, packaging and other creative channels.

The final phase of the competition included a review of the students' work by Cotton Incorporated Marketing personnel. They were judged on their digital media strategy (copy, graphics, video, social media) along with the team's display. The competition was held at ITMA Showtime in High Point, NC.