Offensive Yet Still Appropriate: George Carlin / by Brandon Clarke

George Carlin Is More Relevant Than Ever

What would George Carlin have to say today?

George Carlin, "dirty word" comedian, counter-culture icon and social critic, died on June 23, 2008 at the age of 71.  But like all great minds, his words and ideas live on -- almost becoming more applicable as time passes. I often think, whenever I hear something particularly insane happening in American culture, What would Carlin say about this?

Carlin wasn't left wing or right wing -- just common sense. He spoke with a conviction and confidence that's been lost through the continuous softening of our society. Thankfully we can go back and watch his old stand-up specials and be reminded that there were once people who would say exactly what they felt, without the fear of being labeled a bully. Bullies, of course, being the worst scourge of humanity since the Communists.

From gun control to Lance Armstrong to the lopsided American economic system, George Carlin's routines are both timely and timeless.