Random Stream of Nauseousness: Google / by Brandon Clarke


Is the Internet Becoming Brainiac?

Google is getting to know you.

Since 1997 Google has saved ever single search inquiry typed into their little box, backlogging information and storing it to help strengthen its search engine. Now Google claims that the changes in their algorithm are to deliver users more high-quality search results.

It would mean that only the most relevant sites containing the highest quality content would be coming back in our search results. On the surface that sounds great. But could it be something more sinister? 

What if Google becomes self-aware? What if it realizes that this planet deserves better than cat videos and pornography? What if, once Google is finished cataloging all human knowledge, it decides that humans are no longer necessary?  

It's not an impossible notion. For those who don't know, one of Superman's greatest villains, Brainiac, was spawned through a similar function of data collection.

Eventually Brainiac became so driven by its thirst for knowledge it began destroying planets after downloading their information -- and capturing only one member of each species for his private museum.  

I guess all I'm saying is: let's put more false information on the internet just to be on the safe side.

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