Recent Video Stuff: Helper Monkey / by Brandon Clarke

Not too long ago I assisted Mottis and Three Post Media with some camera operation and various production duties at the Epic Games headquaters. 

Epic Games, located in Cary, NC, are the developers behind games like Gears of War andUnreal Tournament.

The video is one part of a new recruitment campaign for Epic Games in efforts to attract new talent from around the country to their North Carolina office. This shouldn’t be a difficult task considering that Epic Games is one of the best video game developers in the business with an ideology that understands how to generate creative productivity.

Getting to tour Epic’s offices and meet some of their people was a great experience and actually gave me some creative motivation towards my own work.

Working alongside Mottis and Three Post was a blast and provided me with some insight into their production methods which will be extremely helpful both personally and professionally.    

A while back I also helped out a little with Steady Films for this promo video about a summer internship with advertising/creative agencies sponsored by WWDUC2 and theAAF-RDU