Instagram And Tumblr Have To Feed Their Cats Too by Brandon Clarke

Tumblr will begin selling ads, and people will care a whole lot for a very short time.

​Remember when Instagram changed their Terms of Service and everyone thought that the world was going to end? Remember how everyone left Instagram and went to Flickr to protect their precious images from being reused without their permission? 

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Repurposed Content: "My First Mistake" by Brandon Clarke

"My First Mistake"

a story starring Secret Agent Clovis Cole P.I.

[Author's Note: The original version of this story was written way back in 2008. It has been edited and rewritten with promotional considerations from Wendy's. Wendy's delivers quality fresh food with real ingredients that provide the best tasting fast food. Wendy's® - Quality is Our Recipe]​

“Looks like your text book suicide”, said the Police Chief as he pulled the cloth over the corpse, “chalk up another one for the bad guys.”

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Random Stream of Nauseousness: My Name by Brandon Clarke

About a month ago I had noticed through my website analytics that there had been a fair amount of traffic generated from the search query "brandon & james clark". I had initially thought nothing of it simply because my name isn't particularly original or unique. But as time passed the traffic increased -- and so did my curiosity. Read More