Instagram And Tumblr Have To Feed Their Cats Too / by Brandon Clarke

Tumblr will begin selling ads, and people will care a whole lot for a very short time.

Remember when Instagram changed their Terms of Service and everyone thought that the world was going to end? Remember how everyone left Instagram and went to Flickr to protect their precious images from being reused without their permission? 

Barely. People got their panties out of the butt cracks and moved on. I mean, really -- you people beg for a retweet and then get mad when you think the company that created the platform you are using might repurpose your content? It's almost funny.

Tumblr is taking strides towards becoming a media business, which means that they'll soon begin implementing ads -- somehow. Bt regardless of how these ads are integrated into their platform what you can be certain of is that there will be a wave of outraged users blindly swinging fear and hate mongering in response.

This seems to be the necessary growing pains that all social media companies must go through when attempting to generate revenue through advertising, It happened to Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, Instagram. But is it really necessary? Do those disgruntled users really have a leg to stand on?

Where has this sense of entitlement come from? Is it a lack of understanding basic business principles that allows users to believe that everything on the internet should be free? Has the age of internet piracy led some users to develop a schema that the technology they feel so passionately about not worth paying for? Maybe DVR technology is to blame for everyone believing that they're too good to be exposed to advertising anymore.


Here's my point: the people employed by these companies have to pay their bills too. They have to go home and feed their cat just like everyone else. They work hard to provide users with an experience that obviously gives those users a high sense of value. So let them make money.